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Julian Assange: ‘by selectively looking for material that is being kept secret, we’re able to selectively induce reforms that tend to have a positive human rights effect” A week of solidarity with the WikiLeaks publisher #FreeJulian Assange activists in the streets of London.

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The video shot in October of 2011 at London’s Trafalgar Square above has become viral over the years, Julian Assange talking about the War in Afghanistan waged by the United States and its Western Allies, including the UK. A war … Continue reading

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Julian #Assange explains WikiLeaks publication the ‘Unconventional Warfare’ Manual. This week’s solidarity in the streets of London.

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Click to read —> The ‘Unconventional Warfare’ Manual This is what restrictions on reading the manual were put upon: DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic dissemination … Continue reading

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Julian Assange is always on the side of the persecuted, here speaks out about the Armenia genocide, how the powerful seek to distort truthful information. A Week of solidarity in support of the #WikiLeaks publisher.

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The world is full of injustice when those in power unleash violence against the weak. At the same time humanity always strived to overcome such injustices and stand up for what is right. Julian Assange’s work with WikiLeaks equalised the … Continue reading

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Julian #Assange said: People often ask ‘what can I do?’ the answer is not so difficult: Learn Challenge Act Now

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More than 10 years ago, on a cold December evening standing outside the Ecuadorian Embassy I listened to what Julian Assange had to say marking six months of being under siege by Metropolitan Police 24/7. His strongest message to supporters … Continue reading

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Unite North West 522 Branch votes for a motion in defence for Julian #Assange 19/07/23

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This meeting resolves: To call for the immediate release of Julian Assange and to campaign to stop his extradition to the US. Ask members toi write their MP, To write to the Home Secretary, the Shadow Home Secretary, the Justice … Continue reading

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Happy 52nd Birthday Julian #Assange! July 2023 from Belmarsh prison

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A number of us WikiLeaks supporters gathered outside Belmarsh prison to wish WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange Happy 52nd Birthday. We stood together in solidarity chanted our demands for his freedom and wished him Happy Birthday. After music, cake exchanging news … Continue reading

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Julian Assange’s British walkabout continues at Stonehenge at the Summer solstice! :-)

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Julian #Assange UK walkabouts with a Madbloke :-) #FreeJulianAssange #2023TimeToSetHimFree

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#FreeAssange Activists commemorate on 11/04/2023 the 4th Anniversary of Julian Assange being violently arrested in the Ecuadorian Embassy – Photos and video by activist Naila Brown @BrownNaila

We were out again demanding a #FreeJulianAssangeNOW at the scene of the crime when 4 years ago today they kidnapped him from the 🇪🇨 embassy in London and dragged him into the "British Guantanamo Bay", AKA Hellmarsh Prison. #FreeAssange … Continue reading

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Join us in commemorating the 4th Anniversary (11th April 2019) of Julian Assange’s violent arrest by UK for Publishing on behalf of America’s DOJ.

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4th Anniversary: Julian Assange arrested by UK for Publishing on behalf of America’s DOJ We return to the streets with solidarity vigils on three locations on Sunday the 16th of April 2023 to mark four years from the violation of … Continue reading

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