Court Martial

1.COURT MARTIAL (see useful time converter!)

BRADLEY’S TRIAL began on MONDAY 3RD JUNE and is likely to continue for 12 weeks. See below for how to ‘access’ trial (twitter links etc)

COURT BACK IN SESSION: Tues 20th Aug 9am (2pm) for Judge to open court and immediately close it to go into her deliberations.

When she has reached a conclusion, she will then give us at least 7 hours notice of sentence being delivered. 

Mon 19th Aug Prosecution and Defence closing statements concluded. Trial litigation now over.

Fri 16th Aug Prosecution rested. 

Weds 14th Aug Defence case rested. Bradley read a short statement after Casey, his sister testified. Then Debra, his aunt.

BRIEF SUMMARY: Prosecution case rested on Fri 10th Aug. More than 11 hours of testimony re alleged ‘harm’ (or lack of it) relating to releases has taken place in secret closed sessions, which belies the definition of ‘public’ trial. Prosecution through this week has continued trying to elicit speculative testimony, which the defence has continued to object to. The Judge is on the whole dealing with this by allowing it go forward and then subsequently ruling on its admissibility. Generally is allowing it where it follows immediately after releases, and where it can be seen to be related; testimony re any ‘ongoing’ effect being disregarded. Evidence of any ‘actual’ quantifiable ‘harm’ not really emerging.

Tues 6th Aug defence motion to merge charges agreed for some (not for findings, only sentence) reducing max to 90 years from 136 RULING here Factored in to charges (diagram) here

SENTENCING arguments continue  -Mon 5th Aug Under-secretary of State PAT KENNEDY will be testifying all day. May be most critical witness. See profile. 

Weds 31st July: USG witness testified that NO DEATHS could be attributed to the release of the AFGHAN WAR DIARY or IRAQ WAR LOGS – see this and this and this.

This sentencing phase (begun Weds 31st July) expected to last throughout August. Prosecution and defence will bring 21 and 24 witnesses respectively, and defence can now bring motive and lack of harm evidence. This is also likely to involve some argument on USG rampant over-classification.

RE: VERDICT: NOT GUILTY of Aiding the Enemy and Garani video. VERDICTS per each charge from Alexa here and here. As read out in court. As in army press release. See this report from Adam Klasfield. Brad’s family’s statement. CCR statement. Amnesty statement. ACLU statement. Statement from Julian. Freedom of the Press unofficial transcript.

NB: WE WILL HAVE A VERDICT TUESDAY 30th JULY at 1pm (6pm our time). Democracy Now! will be reporting/streaming live at Fort Meade from 1pm EDT (6pm our time). For prep read this from Alexa. And these instructions from the Judge to herself re how she must interpret the charges for ruling. Charges are here.

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for reports from the court from Nathan Fuller see here (Bradley Manning Support Network); from Kevin Gosztola see here (The Dissenter at Firedoglake); from Adam Klasfielsee here (Courthouse News)

Ed Pilkington’s reports for The Guardian and David Dishneau’s for Associated Press also worth checking.

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