Ecuador responds to British FCO statement on Assange

NB. This is a only pro tem translation of Ecuador’s Official Statement here. See also this & this related. The FCO statement to which this is a response is here

Deputy Foreign Minister Xavier Lasso rejects statements by British Minister Swire

August 14, 2015 – 15 h 30

Deputy Foreign Minister Xavier Lasso rejects statements by British Minister Swire

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, Xavier Lasso, today expressed his

“rejection in the most categorical terms of the allegations of the British Minister, Hugo Swire, against Ecuador”,

with respect to the Julian Assange case, in which the British official said that

“Ecuador must recognize that its decision to shelter Mr. Assange to more than three years ago has prevented justice from taking its proper course”.

The representative of the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry said that

“from day one our willingness for dialogue has been manifest”.

He recalled, however, that only two months ago was there any positive response and that the meeting proposed by Ecuador was postponed by the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office since their officials were on vacation.

For this reason, Minister Lasso said that

“it is unacceptable that the blame for the lack of progress in this case over the past 5 years is shifted onto Ecuador”

Minister Lasso said, in direct response to one of the accusations from United Kingdom, that, in fact, if there is an abuse of diplomatic relations, then it is by the Government of the United Kingdom, which, it should be recalled, not only threatened Ecuador with the “violation of the immunity of a diplomatic premises”, but has maintained for the past three years an “invasive police siege” outside the headquarters of the Embassy of Ecuador in that country.

“Only the British Government themselves can explain why they have deployed such an invasive and unnecessary police presence,” he said.

Furthermore, the Minister recalled that, since the beginning of this case, the Ecuadorian stance was based on a principled position that necessarily committed this country to go through “solutions framed by international law”.

In conclusion, Lasso was categorical in expressing that

“the Republic of the Ecuador will not accept any lessons in government; much less from those who are unaware of the institution of political asylum, its legitimacy and nature in international human rights law, its humanitarian nature and its origin based on the sovereign equality of Nations”.

3 Responses to Ecuador responds to British FCO statement on Assange

  1. Ecuador has shown tremendous courage in protecting the life of Julian Assange. His work with WikiLeaks serves the best ideals of civil society, coming into conflict with those powers whose unchecked authority is threatened by revelations of how they operate under darkness. Ecuador has therefore with its brave stance in Human Rights has protected the founder of a movement of enlightenment. A small country, it is targeted by Western powers UK/US in political efforts to weaken its resolve to stand up what is right. Time to say ‘Thank you Ecuador!’ for your efforts to lead the world in placing Human Rights and the betterment of society above all other considerations. Latin America writes history, the world is watching!

  2. iODyne says:

    Bravo Xavier Lasso. Loathesome UK government. never forget that PM Thatcher wanted to protect the evil Pinochet with UK asylum when he tortured Chileans. never forget what Pinochet did to musician Victor Jara’s hands. UK govt is complicit in evil violence and they hate Mr Assange for providing WikiLeaks to expose it.
    his only ‘crime’. I am disgusted by the UK govt. the US govt, and my own.

  3. Praise the Embassy of Equador for currage to do the right thing!

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