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What can we do to defend Julian Assange from US Extradition?

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Taken from the Official Defend Julian Assange Campaign site at the Courage Foundation, “Take Action section“:

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Challenge false reporting in the media

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are the subject of regular false claims and smears in the media – a consequence of challenging the powerful. Media outlets which should support truthtellers often choose to side with powerful interests seeking to undermine WikiLeaks and the public’s right to know. A common smear has become to falsely link Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to Russia, when no links exist. You can write to media outlets and individual journalists who report false news, pointing out the truth. You can use individual newspapers’ complaint mechanisms to challenge editors and press them to issue apologies and retractions. You can use your online, social media presence to inform others about false media reporting.

Write to your political representative

You can write to your member of parliament, Congressman or Senator or Prime Minister asking them to end Julian Assange’s isolation in the embassy and to urge them to stop the attempt by the US government to extradite him from the United Kingdom.

  • If you’re in the UK, please use this letter template to write now to your MP. You could also ask to meet your MP at their constituency office and ask them to respond to the letter.
  • If you’re in the US, please send a version of this open letter to your political representative calling on President Trump to halt the investigation into WikiLeaks.

Write to a human rights organisation and union

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are among the prominent organisations standing up for Julian Assange. But all human rights and free speech organisations should be encouraged to voice their support for the defence of international law and free speech and freedom of the media which arise in the case of the US persecution of Julian Assange. As someone granted asylum status because of his “well-founded fear of persecution”, Julian Assange should be defended by all refugee rights organisations. You can write to human rights, refugee and free speech organisations asking them where they stand on Julian Assange and urging them be more vocal. Given the attacks on freedom of the media and the right to publish represented by the US attempts to “take down” WikiLeaks, you can also write to journalist unions and bodies asking them where they stand on Julian Assange and urging them to speak out in his defence.

Sign petitions and letters and join campaigns

You can sign this petition which calls for an end to Julian Assange’s isolation. You can also sign this open letter to President Trump. There are numerous local groups and campaigns that have sprouted up in support of Julian Assange around the world, such as Unity4J. In London, you can join the Committee to Defend Julian Assange by subscribing to their newsletter and encourage others and other campaign groups to attend.

Keep yourself informed

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