Ideas for Action

If you are looking for ‘TAKE ACTION’ – urgent actions you can take in support of CHELSEA MANNING please see this page After the Sentence: what to do now’

For general ideas on ways you can support Julian and Chelsea, see below (note that this info has not been updated recently, though)

Who are we?

WISE Up Action is a loose grassroots network of people from Wales, Ireland (all Ireland), Scotland and England organising individually and together in solidarity with Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. The network works best when people take the initiative and do things themselves rather than waiting for other people to do them! If you organise anything, let us know about it beforehand so it can be put on the calendar. Also, be sure to send us your reports and photos afterwards. Wherever you are, you can do something for Bradley and Julian. Here are some ideas and information…

So far, actions in Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England have included vigils, stalls, exhibitions, rallies, benefit gigs, public meetings, comedy nights, an election tour in Ireland and a three week tour of Wales. People have performed plays, written poems, recorded songs, made films. Explore the blog to find out more.

September 2012 update: Brad’s new hearing dates

(could still change)

  • October 17-18: speedy trial witness list to be argued for defense’s speedy trial motion
  • October 29 – November 2: speedy trial motion hearing; production motion for witnesses at “unlawful pretrial punishment” motion hearing
  • November 27 – December 2: litigation/argument on the “unlawful pretrial punishment” motion
  • December 10 – 14: pretrial witnesses and evidentiary issues argued
  • January 14 – 18: handling of classified information during the trial
  • January 28 – 29: last minute motions before trial
  • January 30: voir dire (or screening of potential jurors)
  • February 4 – March 15: trial

Check Upcoming Events for updates. In the past, vigils and other solidarity actions have been timed to coincide with court hearings or with relevant political occasions and other events.

Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy

Julian has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy since June 2012 and anticipates that he could remain there for as long as a year until a diplomatic solution is reached.

There is an ongoing vigil outside the embassy. Join it if you are in London.

Write to Bradley Manning

Write a letter yourself or, better still, organise in your networks to send cards and letters collectively.

Prisoner solidarity and support are crucial. Let Bradley know he isn’t forgotten. Letters can be sent to Bradley Manning, c/o Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Avenue #41, Oakland, CA 94610, USA.

Alternatively, you can now write to Bradley directly:

Commander, HHC USAG, Attn: PFC Bradley Manning, 239 Sheridan Ave, Bldg 417, JBM-HH, VA 22211, USA.

For details of mailing restrictions etc. see here.

Organise an event

Order Bradley Manning campaign materials from here, use or adapt our resources for Brad and Julian or design your own. See also The Bean Blog and the Bradley Manning organiser’s <a href=”“>toolkit.

Leaflet at other events to raise awareness

Flyers etc. in resources section.

Hold a vigil

Vigils can be very powerful. Links to the Ecuador Embassy vigil above. You can also read Susan Clarkson’s account of her weekly Lenten vigils for Bradley Manning at the US Embassy in London here and a recent double vigil at the US and Ecuadorian embassies here.

Make and hang a banner

A large banner hung somewhere prominent (over a road, in a busy town centre for instance) can be very effective. Old cotton bedsheets and acrylic paint work well. Don’t forget to work out a way of securing it if it’s to go on railings.

Organise a performance

Bradley Manning ‘in his own words’ has now been prepared as a script for three voices. Download it here.

Organiser’s Toolkit

The Bradley Manning Support Network has created a Toolkit for organisers around the world who want to help the cause. It is packed with info and strategy.

Download the kit from this page.

There are some resources for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks on the UK FoWL blog.

Read through the blog archives, listed by month in the right hand column of WISE Up Action for more inspiration.


Whatever you do, please write and tell us about it.

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