Julian Assange Upcoming Solidarity Actions

Dear Friends in the struggle to Free Assange!

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Join the street Actions below in defence of the #WikiLeaks publisher.

Saturday 20 and 27/11/21 12-14:00
HMP Belmarsh Solidarity Vigil

How to get there: Get to Plumstead Rail Station or Woolwich Arsenal Rail Station and catch the 244/380 bus to HMP Belmarsh

How to get to Plumstead https://www.southeasternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/more-travel-help/station-information/stations/plumstead

How to get to  Woolwich Arsenal

Bus 380 route: https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/380/
Bus 244 route: https://tfl.gov.uk/bus/route/244/

Location:     HMP Belmarsh, Western Way, Thamesmead, London, SE28 0EB

Tuesday 23/11/21 meet 10:30am outside Royal Court, The Strand,
to Hand over Open Letter to the Judges
Join the JADC delegation to hand over the “Open Letter to the Judges presiding over the Julian Assange case at Royal Courts of Justice 27th and 28th of October 2021.” below:

You have in front of you the case US vs Julian Assange, the publisher of media organisation WikiLeaks. The way this case has reached you, you are asked to deliberate on narrow aspects of the law, without looking at the broader picture of the consequences of your decision. You are obliged to look at the law and the evidence impartially and deliberate fulfilling your duty to society and the public.

In fact the decisions you are making are not made in your name but on behalf of society since it is our society that has institutionalised the function of your role. Your decisions are a legal expression of the culture we share as it evolves through the centuries of our nation’s existence.

As members of this society, as members of the public, we hold no role and function in the proceedings before you since there is no jury established and institutionalised in court proceedings today.

We have no role or function as members of society today other than sit in the public gallery and come outside the court raising our voices to be heard loud and clear expressing our view that the the prosecution of Julian Assange is not in the public interest and he should be freed by this court. Yet we are part of the fabric that supports your function. We fund the building and upkeep of such fine buildings, our tax sustains you and your families, we support the good functioning of the Royal Courts by keeping our side of the social contract to adhere to its decisions collectively.

In that capacity we beseech you, do not put upon us collectively the responsibility for Julian Assange’s intellectual and physical demise. We do not want his blood on our hands as a society.

Through his publishing work with WikiLeaks Julian Assange propagates society’s progress through learning and increased understanding of our human condition, how the world works, how our public life really functions, fundamentally supporting the pillars of our democratic system. His work gives the opportunity for enlightenment desperately needed for people in our society. His work shines a light where we fail, as a society and these failures have dramatic consequences on people’s lives abroad and at home. This is why the prosecution of Julian Assange is not in the public interest.

Your decision on the case before you will determine what direction our society takes for the future, choose enlightenment not darkness. Generations before us have given their intellectual input, hard work, sweat and often even their lives to reach the state we live now, without the fear of arbitrary violence unleashed upon us as a society at a massive scale, yet following the case of Julian Assange the threat of losing this is evident. Our Intelligence services, our police, our governments, stood silent or were complicit as foreign actors planned the kidnap and murder of someone who lived among us. Julian Assange is one of us. His prosecution is not in the public interest.

The progress this country has achieved is priceless to all of us who live here. Let our progress continue, do not choose our intellectual and moral decline.

How can it be that our society through our institutions can reject the fundamental humanistic values of enlightenment that Julian Assange’s work with WikiLeaks represents? Public opinion agrees, the prosecution of Julian Assange is not in the public interest. No jury would send him to America to face his tormentors.

In times when our society is tested we find out who we trully are, how far we have reached as a society morally. This is such a moment, do us proud. Our society looks to you, the whole world looks to us collectively.

Do us proud and let us cheer at your decision. Don’t make us hang our heads in shame of what we’ve become. The prosecution of Julian Assange is not in the public interest. Release him.

Sign the open letter to the judges here: https://wp.me/p1rtyw-6pY

Tuesday 30/11/21 2-4pm
The Guardian Protest & Celebration of Craig Murray’s release

We start our action at 2pm outside The Guardian offices and continue outside Kings Cross Rail station at 4:30 for an hour’s flyering. More details about the program closer to the time.

Saturday 18/12/21 2-6pm
Christmas Solidarity Vigil outside HMP Belmarsh

This time of the year is approaching when family and friends meet up and enjoy happy times. For Julian Assange this will be his 12th Christmas under Arbitrary Arrest with his freedom curtailed. We shall gather outside HMP Belmarsh to spread some Christmas cheer and solidarity, share food, sing carols, chant solidarity messages, make speeches. Join us!