Low Hanging Fruit


Credit where it’s due;
I think it’s only fair;
For your offer to imprison Charles Taylor,
Thank you, Mr Blair.

Aiding and abetting,
Selling arms and ammunition;
The first trial of many?
It’s a very old tradition.

Many went before him
On the well-trodden route.
Justice chose the safer option,
Picked the low-hanging fruit

But with time, perhaps she’ll go
A little further up the tree;
There are apples ripe for picking;
I wonder who they’d be.

Who’s been aiding and abetting
In Syria and Bahrain?
Who helped Mubarak and Ghaddafi,
Years ago, Saddam Hussain?

When the fires of war die down,
Who stirs the dying embers?
The United Nations Security Council’s
Five permanent members.

When it seems we’re doomed to peace,
Who comes to save the day?
Russia, China, France,
The US and the UK.

It matters not what time may bring,
For these are nimble men;
Should there be an arab spring,
They just change sides and start again

And condemn the ones who dared to use
The weapons that they’d sold
As they sell more to the new men
For another pot of gold.

And whenever you talk peace
There’s an arms fair down the road
To sell the seeds of war
As the seeds of peace are sowed.

And if in time sweet justice
Should look further up the tree
She’ll find fruit there ripe for picking;
I’m sure you would agree.

And for those merchants of death
Who thought themselves immune,
There are cells in British prisons
And perhaps we’ll fill them soon.

Credit where it’s due;
I think it’s only fair,
Should you be next in line;
Thank you, Mr Blair.

Les Barker

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