Room to Change the World (For JA)

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete –
Buckminster Fuller


In this room,
spinning with the whole world’s affairs,
you prepare – meticulous – evidence, records;
reveal forensically, skein by skein,
the tightly-held workings
of a vast and criminal

To your sure-fire judgment
this room gives an artisan’s patience.
You have time and you take time.
The work is finely-tuned, established;
sifted, sorted, spread in plain sight.
The machinations of our times made manifest.
The historical record uncut.
WikiLeaks: a global feast of primary sources
taken, right under their nose, from horses’ mouths.

For this – the currency of the people’s resistance –
you still fight with your life.

Some battles are done:
the inspiration has long escaped
the cage of tame assumptions;
the pressure for compromise
(even the temptation?);
the threat of being taken from within;
Death by Finance.
This bird flies free.
No-one has contained her.

And arriving in this room
you inhabited a world-space for us;
you have gained time for us,
mapped their deviance for us to understand.
Tripping the spin of the world
you have altered the odds.
Interpreting, unfolding, revealing,
you brought clarity to concealed manipulation,
exposed agendas,
dealt hubris back to the abusers,
pinpointed harm.

Five years in,
and we are hoping you will soon
have a life of your own.

But for today,
confined to your work,
we salute the freedom
you would not let them take from you –
who are of all nations and of none –
one beyond borders –
standing with us all against the deluge,
steadying the madness with information,
outing the parasitical dark

in this room
at the heart of it.


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  1. sand49 says:

    Brilliant and so moving a tribute to two brave courageous young men who did something and put themselves in danger for telling the truth their only motivation being because it is the right and moral thing to do. Bless them both and all the other brave souls who are truth tellers. We have not forgotten you sending love, strength and repect to you.

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