Parody of Clever

Parody of Clever

There’s a miasma of malign intent. We are driving, each in our
own lane, into a pile-up that will throw us limb for limb together in
the end. No-one is going to escape; whether caught in the tail wind
or feeding the furore. We’re careering along in a holocaust of integrity,

a striving for vicious self-aggrandisement, a top dog best hit first strike
wit. Any honest broker should watch their back, any witness bringing
evidence to the public discourse prepare for excommunication. There is
no relation between what is said and what is repeated; what is brought

and what is received; what is done and what is reported; deceit is the
default; both easier and self-pleasingly tricksier. A parody of clever
shoots trigger word concepts straight from the hip, yes or no ticks only.
And you can’t reason with the one who trains a gun at nuance.