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Join us at the US EMBASSY on the SATURDAY BEFORE TRIAL STARTS at this crucial demonstration of public support – for an afternoon of speech and song – a #massing4brad to take place in LONDON as supporters rally internationally, and, in the US march on FORT MEADE,

with (amongst others tbc): PETER TATCHELL veteran human rights campaigner

CRAIG MURRAY whistleblowing ex British Ambassador, human rights campaigner, expert on the so called War on Terror and the security state.

DAVID ROVICS  international singer songwriter of Songs of Social Significance, who will be stopping off on his W.I.S.E. tour between Islington Folk Club, the Festival of Dangerous Ideas and Glastonwick Festival,  Brighton, to sing for us at the US Embassy. (btw David comes with recommendations from Amy Goodman, Cindy Sheehan and Pete Seeger, just in case you haven’t heard….). And you can hear his great Song for Bradley Manning here on you tube

MICHAEL LYONS, Afghan War resistor who served 9 months in prison as a conscientious objector for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan after reading Bradley’s WikiLeaks releases. Mike is a member of VETERANS for PEACE UK

BEN GRIFFIN ex SAS, who refused to return to Iraq for reasons of conscience and went on to form VETERANS for PEACE UK

GUY SMALLMAN photo-journalist. Guy is the only western journalist to have visited the scene of the Granai massacre.



plus there will be more music from the amazing JOHN McCLEAN and others!

other contributors from Payday Men’s Network, Queer Strike, London Catholic Worker, Queer Friends of Bradley Manning, Wales for Bradley, Young people of West Wales for Bradley Manning, Naomi Colvin &c plus open mic.

Please come and make YOUR voice heard as well in defence of this iconic whistleblower. Many groups and people have reason to be grateful to Bradley Manning for revealing the truth as it relates to their struggle – we urge you all to join together with us on this day and #ThankManning!

We hope to be joined by representatives of various campaigns for Justice, Peace and Freedom on this day when we will be celebrating Bradley’s act of resistance, the effects of which are ongoing and an inspiration to us all.

PLEASE NOTE that Cor Cochion Caerdydd will also be Singing for Brad in CARDIFF on the same day – outside the Central Market Building by St John’s Church, usual place 11.30 – 2.00 – more info here

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