(shafted) They Said

They Said: Take this Gun
It will bring Salvation

Do not hesitate to use it
This is Fealty – this is Duty – Honour, Nation
Keep your light single
This is right

They Said: Yours is a Conflict of Life and Death
It is Critical – we cannot stress this enough
Do not underestimate this:
We are the Life – and you are Our Representatives

It may be that some of the Dead will come round (They Said)
You are there to revive them
They or their children may need to die for this to take place
You must not be afraid to look this fact in the face
True Love is tough like that (They Said)
You must remember the world which will survive them

It is far better for a 100,000 to die for the Nation
This is prophetic inspiration
It will be the chapter and verse of the Next Invasion

Interrogation saves many lives
Torture saves more
Lives are lost in war
It is unavoidable and for the purpose of the exercise
May Be Desired – Fire Purifies

As it is written:
It is better for you to deprive your Enemy of their limb than for them to be lead into temptation by a hand or a foot it is within your power to remove
This is a matter of improvement

We must be radical to root out the canker of insurgency
They are the Enemy – You are fighting for their Freedom – Treat this as an Emergency
First  World   Aid
Organs may need removing on the street
All soldiers must prepare to be surgeons – to study Anatomy
You must be able to remove their brains and instil Democracy
This is a kindness in its own league

They Said: Leave your hearts and your souls back home and we will later return them to you
The land of the free is the best repository for these while you’re away
Perhaps your remains could call in person for them one fine day
Where you’re going – they’ll just be a burden to you

Will you accept the contract? (They Said)
Someone has to take the rap for Freedom
The collateral is in the bag (They Said)
The Dow Jones of the Dead (They Said)

The coin of the Empire is set in the guts of her slags

Your country needs you (shafted)

They Said

Lindi Carter

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