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13/01/2020 at Westminster Magistrates Court for Julian #Assange Case Management hearing

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Report by Angie Demands for greater public access from Julian Assange supporters to officials at Westminster Magistrates Court, were granted today. Steadfast members of the Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC) and like-minded supporters, have been requesting a courtroom that would … Continue reading

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Julian Assange Case Management Hearing in Westminster Magistrates Court 19/12/2019 videos and photos

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On the 19th of December 2019 the Official Don’t Extradite Campaign @DEACampaign called a protest outside Westminster Magistrates Court in solidarity with Julian Assange. Here are some photos and videos from the event. You can read about the case developments … Continue reading

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13/12/2019 – Julian #Assange Administrative hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court

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A number of supporters for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange went to Westminster Magistrates Court to witness the short Administrative Court hearing by sitting in the public gallery of Court three which has only 13 seats available for the public. Pro-#Assange … Continue reading

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Protest at plans to move the Julian Assange Court Hearings to Belmarsh Magistrates Court!

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Eileen Chubb from Compassion in Care and The Whistler has written to District Judge Vanessa Baraitser to raise the alarm that her proposal to move Julian Assange’s US Extradition Court Hearing from Westminster Magistrates Court to Belmarsh Magistrates Court is … Continue reading

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The Julian Assange Defence Committee protests outside Westminster Magistrates Court 14.06.2019

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The Courage Foundation has produced a wonderful recap of the Julian Assange extradition hearing which took place on the 14th of June 2019 at Westminster Magistrates Court which you can read here. Below are some videos and photos from the … Continue reading

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We face a huge fight to defend Julian Assange 30/05/2019 outside Westminster Magistrates Court

A number of great voices were raised outside Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday in defence of Julian Assange the WikiLeaks publisher. Listen to what Gordon Dimmack, Chris Marsden and Maxine Walker had to say. And here is Maxine Walker’s Speech You … Continue reading

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A good start in 2018 Solidarity for #WikiLeaks, Julian #Assange

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Women Whistleblowing WikiLeaks On the 22nd January 2018 a contingency of the solidarity vigil had the pleasure of joining the book launch of ‘Women Whistleblowing WikiLeaks’ by Sarah Harrison, Renata Avila, Angela Richter at the Frontline Club. The discussion was … Continue reading

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