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New #FreeJulianAssange Liverpool activist group joins the fight to mobilise their local community in support of the #WikiLeaks publisher!

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Further to the well established community of WikiLeaks supporters in the London and Scotland areas, a new group has been established over the summer and has been active in Liverpool. They have been very active sharing out many of the … Continue reading

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NetPol informs, educates how police surveillance is mapping protest movements. A must read for all WikiLeaks supporters who campaign and struggle to free its publisher Julian #Assange.

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We publish in full vital information from NetPol below for WikiLeaks supporters campaigning to Free its publisher Julian Assange. Why should we, you may ask. Plenty of evidence exists that the UK security services and Metropolitan Police have activated their … Continue reading

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Trade unionists support Julian Assange at the Tolpuddle Festival 2022

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Trade unionists support Julian Assange Every year in July trade unionists gather in the small Dorset village of Tolpuddle to remember the six agricultural labourers who in 1834 tried to form a trade union to fight for higher wages, and … Continue reading

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To Parliament for #Justice4Assange – At the heart of British politics, join the Houses of Parliament Solidarity Vigil in support of #WikiLeaks publisher Julian #Assange 1-3pm Wednesdays July 2022

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Dear Friends There is not a moment to lose in creating political debate within the political world about such an important issue shaping the quality of our democracy in the years to come. To the Home Office Minister Priti Patel, … Continue reading

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A brilliant documentary about the #WikiLeaks publisher Julian #Assange watch Hacking Justice at Arthouse Crouch End – 6/7/22 6pm followed by Q and A with grassroots activists from JADC

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Join us at Art House Crouch End at 159A Tottenham Lane London, N8 9BT on Wednesday 6 July 2022 at 6pm at for a screening of Hacking Justice. Buy your ticket here. Read how to get there here. The future … Continue reading

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Marking Julian Assange’s 51st Birthday outside HMP Belmarsh Sunday 03/7/22 12-3pm – Join us!

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Join in celebrating the 51st Birthday of Political prisoner Julian Assange. We go close to where his heart beats at Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh with a celebratory solidarity vigil. We shall listen to music inspired by his struggle, poetry, make … Continue reading

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Correct the Record in the Julian #AssangeCase: The Private Eye’s factual errors in their Trial Errors

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It is always delightful to see The Private Eye covering the Julian Assange case defending the WikiLeaks publisher against US Extradition, but they seem to have missed doing their homework and get things very wrong indeed! Angie Curran was not … Continue reading

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15/06/2022 – #FreeAssange Vigil and outreach outside Houses of Parliament – Neale Hanvey MP joins our struggle

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15 June 2022 Around 22 Julian Assange supporters gathered at the Mother of all Parliaments to lobby Members and the public during PMQT. Much support at the gates with hundreds of flyers handed out and engagement with MPs Caroline Lucas. … Continue reading

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#FreeJulianAssange #JailTheWarCriminals outside Windsor Palace during Tony Blair’s knighting ceremony with #StopTheWarCoalition

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Photos and report by EF Press Watch Julian Assange releasing The Iraq War Logs in 2010, the year his US persecution started. 13 June 2022 Windsor Castle #JulianAssange supporters join Stop the War protestors and many others to demand the … Continue reading

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Report 8 June 2022 Solidarity with Julian #Assange at the heart of British political life, outside the Houses of Parliament.

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On Wednesday the 8th of June 2022, between 1 and 3 pm 20 supporters of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange gathered in a solidarity vigil organised by JADC, The Committee to Defend Julian Assange. With banners, posters, flyers they protested at … Continue reading

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