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Judge Baraitser’s judgement indicates Judge Arbuthnot concealed existence of 2017 arrest warrant for US Extradition in the #AssangeCase

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The stated timeline in Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s judgement of No US Extradition for Julian Assange reveals for the first time that Westminster Magistrates Court issued an arrest warrant for Julian Assange on 22/12/2017 after a diplomatic note from the US … Continue reading

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Marking Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday outside HMP Belmarsh

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On the 3rd of July 2021 Julian Assange turned 50. A landmark for most people who hold parties, organise family get togethers. Alas he can’t, he is defending Press Freedom with his body and this heroic journey has taken him … Continue reading

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#FreeAssange Ireland marking Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday and solidarity message to JADC

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At the Dublin gathering for Julian Assange’s 50th birthday 3rd July 2021, they stood under the statue of Jim Larkin on the traffic island in O’Connell Street singing happy birthday to Julian. Video and photos by Simon McGinness of Cuba … Continue reading

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Update: Misconduct in Public Office in the #Assange Case – Crime Reports Filed by a supporter for Paul Close, Emma Arbuthnot, Deborah Taylor, Michael Snow

Here is a follow up letter by a supporter to the Metropolitan police in pursuit of his reporting the crimes of Misconduct in public office for three British Judges in their handling of the Julian Assange case. I refer you … Continue reading

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Parliamentarians must be allowed to discuss important press freedom issues with Julian Assange

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A cross party initiative in support of Julian Assange includes Early Day Motion 220 by British Parliamentarians. We strongly encourage supporters to use this Don’t Extraditite Campaign easy to use form to ask your MP to sign the Early Day … Continue reading

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29/05/21 – A Musical Vigil in solidarity with #WikiLeaks publisher Julian #Assange

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Here are some photos and videos from our Musical vigil outside HMP Belmarsh in support of Julian Assange.

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Saturday 03/07/21 – Join us celebrating Julian Assange’s 50th Birthday

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We continue the struggle to Free Julian Assange, defend Press Freedom and strengthen our Democracy. Join in celebrating the 50th Birthday of Political prisoner Julian Assange. We go close to where his heart beats at Her Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh with … Continue reading

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22/05/21 #FreePalestine #FreeJulianAssange What we have learned from WikiLeaks about Israeli War Crimes

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Julian Assange shared his solidarity with the Palestinian people with this image in 2014 during Israel’s #Gaza military offensive. Then, just like now British people were protesting against the injustice and war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli state upon the … Continue reading

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Saturday 22/05/21 Belmarsh Solidarity Vigil and Flyering for Julian #Assange at the National Demo for Palestine

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Join the actions in Support of Julian Assange, the publisher of WikiLeaks this Saturday 22/05/21! WikiLeaks has revealed or confirmed war crimes the world over and at great detail in the Middle East, from Afghanistan and Iraq, Yemen, Syria and … Continue reading

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15/05/21 Solidarity 4 Assange – Belmarsh to Feltham: From horror to hope

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By Joe Brack EF Press Saturday 15 May 2021 After 2 years of protest at the horror of Julian Assange’s incarceration and 7 years of isolation and persecution as a political asylee in the Ecuadorian Embassy, supporters returned once again … Continue reading

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