More solidarity with Bradley Manning at Occupy LSX (London)

War resisters Ciaron O’Reilly and Ben Griffin speak out for Manning

There has been an anti-war presence at Occupy LSX outside St Paul’s almost every day with Ciaron O’Reilly, Ben Griffin and others speaking in public about Bradley Manning, the ongoing war in Afghanistan and war resistance amongst other things. It’s shocking how many people still aren’t familiar with Bradley Manning’s name or the Collateral Murder footage, though everyone knows about the leaked cables and war logs.

Ciaron is a Catholic Worker, long-time war resister and ex-prisoner of the US. Ben is an Iraq war veteran, war refuser and founder member of Veterans for Peace UK.

As well as aiming to raise awareness of Bradley Manning’s situation, detained for 16 months without trial in the US, the action was in solidarity with Julian Assange, who expects to hear the outcome of his extradition appeal next week and with Michael Lyons. Lyons is the British Navy conscientious objector who was influenced by reading the WikiLeaks disclosures attributed to Bradley Manning. He is currently serving a sentence in a military prison for standing up for his beliefs.

The speeches have generated a lot of interest, with many people coming up to speak with Ben and Ciaron afterwards, taking flyers and addresses to write to Bradley and Michael in prison.

Veterans for Peace would like to hear from any UK military vets who are interested in working together for peace. Complete this form to get involved.

We are veterans based in the UK committed to promoting peace through non-violent action.
Veterans from all three branches of the UK military may join.
Veterans from other countries based in the UK may also join.
We are independent of any political party or movement.
We are not concerned with political power only the promotion of peace.

Meanwhile, in the US, the LGBTQ space at Occupy Berkeley has been named for Bradley Manning. Camp Manning opened yesterday with an invitation for people to bring along their tents and sleeping bags and create the space.

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