Vigil Call out: Solidarity with WikiLeaks Julian Assange Sunday 4/11/18 2pm

As Julian Assange launches legal action against the unilateral imposition of a special protocol in violation of his Human Rights by Ecuador, we stand in solidarity with him and the people of WikiLeaks.

On the 28th of November 2010 WikiLeaks started the publication of Cablegate, and by 31st of August 2011 more than 250,000 Diplomatic cables from US Embassies around the world saw the light of day educating the world on how diplomacy is conducted behind closed doors. For his WikiLeaks publishing work, Julian Assange has been persecuted all these years by the US circles of power.

We shall gather outside the Ecuadorian Embassy on Sunday the 4th of November between 2-4 pm in respectful vigil acknowledging the sacrifices that have been made to make these publications possible. Sacrifices made by many people, some known some unknown, guardians of a persecuted Library of Alexandria that like a light house guides the ships to safety, guiding our civil society towards renewal through the learning it provides. It is the least we can do.

Over at Counterpunch in Joe Emersberger’s interview with Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga, an Ecuadorian legal scholar teaching human rights and constitutional law, we read that Lenin Moreno having won the presidential elections in Ecuador on Correa’s campaign platform and manifesto he then proceeded to implement his opponents manifesto.

Anyone who has regularly attended the solidarity vigils outside the Ecuadorian Embassy will know what Lenin Moreno’s opponents’ manifesto said on Julian Assange. This is because in more than six years that Julian Assange has been inside the Ecuadorian embassy under diplomatic protection, the only time there ever was a group of people outside the embassy chanting anti-Assange slogans was the time during the latest Ecuadorian Presidential Elections when Lasso’s people protested outside the Embassy twice shouting “Assange Get out Lasso Presidente”. Here is a short video of Lasso’s people:

He also explains that the current wider Latin American political trend reflected in institutions like the Human Rights Watch (the Americas division) and Inter-American Commission favour Moreno’s political choices. All the more the need to show our solidarity that despite a more challenging environment our support continues and that we stand witness at the injustice Julian Assange endures. We are not alone defending him.

Watch the interview Carlos Poveda with Telesure, he is Julian Assange’s legal representative in Ecuador. He describes the efforts to defend Julian from the special protocol that is unilaterally imposed to regulate aspects of his life in the Embassy together with a list of punitive sanctions including the termination of his political asylum or/and the UK police invited into the Embassy and used against him.

Join us in solidarity #FreeAssange!

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