Julian Assange wins Gavin MacFadyen Journalism award – Videos and Photos 28/09/2019 Belmarsh Prison

“OVER 200 supporters of jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange held a lively rally and a march on Saturday to the gates outside Belmarsh high security prison in south east London where he is being held. Julian’s father, John Shipton was made a presentation of the Gavin MacFadyen Award for Extraordinary Courage and self sacrifice in the service of truth award on behalf of his son.

In presenting the award to Julian Assange, Eileen Chubb from Compassion in Care and the Whistler said: ‘When a great journalist or publisher can be forcibly taken by the state and held unlawfully in the full view of the press and the only thing that makes the news is the state’s propaganda, then we have never needed great journalism even more.”

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‘Julian’s treatment … is a sordid treachery from top to bottom’ says Assange’s father

London: Hundreds rally for Assange outside Belmarsh PrisonVideos:

Protesters speak out in defence of Julian Assange

Free-press advocates protest Assange’s jailing outside Belmarsh prison


Niels Ladefoged has produced a wonderful six minute video published on vimeo and released a few more interviews on twitter:

Gordon Dimmack produced some excellent videos:


Very grateful to Cordelia Noble @NobleCordelia for the amazing photos:

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