01/05/21 May Day actions in support of Julian #Assange

On first of May 2021, International Labour Day we commemorated two years from Julian Assange’s cruel sentencing to 50 weeks imprisonment in HMP Belmarsh, for ‘violating his terms of bail’ whilst he sought and received political asylum. He remains imprisoned today, the number 1 political prisoner of Britain.

A few words were spoken outside Southwark Crown Court recounting the events two years ago. A crime report has been filed by Rod Driver against Judge Deborah Taylor for her misconduct in public office in the Assange case where she was biased. An example of this bias is illustrated in her sentencing remarks where she repeated the most common falsehood at the time, that Julian Assange had been charged by Sweden, which was not true.

Before leaving Southwark Crown Court, we left a poster behind that described what happened in the arrest and imprisonment of Julian Assange, which was a crime.

We went forward to Trafalgar Square to join the #KillTheBill protest against Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which propose to give police in England and Wales more power to impose conditions on non-violent protests, including those which are deemed too noisy or a nuisance..

The demo on May 1st has been organised by a coalition of groups including Sisters Uncut, Black Lives Matter UK, Disabled People Against Cuts, Women’s Strike Assembly and Docs not Cops.

We assembled outside the National Gallery where bundles of flyers were distributed to supporters.  Here is our beautiful new JADC flyer designed by graphic designer Derek Jardine using some of Somerset Bean’s classic graphics with text by Maxine Walker.

You can download our new flyer below. We distributed over 3500 flyers.

Assange Leaflet April 2021

We then travelled to Belmarsh prison to protest the cruel and unjust imprisonment of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange and remind the UK and US governments that Journalism is not a crime!

The fight for a free press and for the freedom of Julian Assange is part and parcel of the struggle of civil society for the improvement of Human Rights at all aspects of of social and economic engagement and expression.

Nothing has been given on a plate, as we remember those who sacrificed so much for us to enjoy our relative freedoms today we pay homage to today’s Human Rights Defenders like Julian Assange.

We continue our solidarity work in defence of Julian Assange and will be returning next week in Belmarsh bringing attention to the unacceptable situation where a world renowned publisher and journalist is imprisoned in a maximum security jail in the United Kingdon.

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3 Responses to 01/05/21 May Day actions in support of Julian #Assange

  1. fbgoodridance says:

    Many of your readers and followers may be interested to know that Judge Deborah Taylor who unjustly sentenced Julian Assange to 50 weeks in prison is the SAME judge who sentenced political prisoner 80 year old Aravindan Balakrishnan to an appalling 23 years in 2016. He is now being severely tortured, like Julian, in “hellhole” ( the words of former prisoners)Dartmoor Prison with drugging, prolonged periods of isolation, denial of letters from his wife and friends, sometimes denied phonecalls to his wife and much much more. His wife describes his treatment ” like being buried alive!”.According to Nils Melzer this is psychological torture while many others now say that solitary confinement is a CRIME!
    While campaigning for Julian dont forget those like A. Balakrishnan who have not yet got such a loud voice all across the globe. The campaign to free Julian can only really succeed when all political prisoners in the world being persecuted by US- led fascism, are free ….just as the world cannot be free of COVID-19 until all the worlds people are protected from it not just a few rich countries!

  2. Ines GEMAEHLING says:

    Thanks for being there strongly fighting for Julian Assange’s FREEDOM

  3. Hans-Frieder Hoch says:

    leider ist das stolze “rechtsstaatliche” England zu einem amerikanischen Vasallen verkommen.

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