Julian #Assange marries the woman he loves after two years of obstraction from HMP Belmarsh and Home office, yet no guest permitted if they are journalist.

In a private small ceremony inside HMP Belmarsh, The WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange married the woman he loves, Stella Moris after a two year delay brought about by HMP Belmarsh and the Home office. Only after threatening to sue the authorities did the couple receive the much awaited permission to marry inside the cruel walls of maximum security prison HMP Belmarsh. No journalist was allowed to attend the ceremony as a private guest and no photographer either, the wedding photo taken by a prison guard which will be eventually passed to Julian and his wife will be a papercopy which will not be permitted to be published.

Let’s not forget who Julian Assange is:

It is outrageous that what their right to marry was interfered with and despite having invited a whole TV crue inside the prison walls for the production of commercial serial, the most basic of means of recording the event was deprived of them.

The Committee to Defend Julian Assange organised a solidarity vigil outside the prison walls to mark the event. Stella Morris invited supporters to attend the wedding, dressed as they would in a wedding reception. JADC organised speeches, music, refreshments, a wonderful vegan cake, posters flyers, T-shirts and distributed copies of Nils Nelzer book The Trial of Julian Assange to supporters, it collected the gifts, flowers and cards that people brought for the couple passing them to Julian’s family.

Their marriage is a victory of love in times of adversity and a personal triumph as they exert their Human right to enter into this ancient social and legal contract, with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with it, despite opposition by the authorities of this country. Supporters rejoiced at this triumph and were moved by seeing this unassuming beautifully dressed lovely bride entering the cruel walls of Belmarsh prison with her children and small family going through this cruel institution to unite her life with Julian’s, spreading at her trail, this, the highest of human emotions, Love. As she faced the camera’s alone, all were moved by the tragic sight of a newly wed bride alone outside the prison walls.

May he be free soon so that both enjoy all the joy that awaits their married life. Here are some of the photos and videos from the day.

A big thanks to all who worked hard to facilitate this solidarity event and for the many who donated funds so we have the necessary materials.

Dozens of camera people and journalists covered the event.

Artist Daniel Fooks addressing his powerful message in defence of Julian Assange to supporters. Joe Brack from EFPress and JADC co-ordinator at work.

Truman read out hundreds of messages of support from well wishers submitted to his Twitter account and tied up yellow ribbons with #FreeAssange written on them all over the trees and railings

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