Bradley Manning ‘in his own words’

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“one of the more significant documents of our time, removing the fog of war and revealing the true nature of 21st century asymmetrical warfare.”

Due to sensationalised media reports, a lot of people are quite unaware of any evidence there is that Bradley acted out of conscience. I thought it would be useful, therefore, to extract from the chat logs all that relates to Bradley’s apparent motivation.

Directing people to the published chat logs themselves means they have an awful lot of text to plough through, and it requires some commitment, so this is a resource that only contains thoughts on the leaks themselves.

When I was going through it, it really struck me that it had a sense of soliloquy about it, and that it reads like a prose poem – I felt that it built a picture of the ‘together’ person behind the selective snap shots we’ve had from mainstream media. It’s a chance to let Bradley himself be heard, I hope.


Read the edited chat logs: Bradley Manning: In his own words

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  1. Marta T. says:

    “well, it was forwarded to WL
    and god knows what happens now
    hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms
    if not… than we’re doomed
    as a species”

    Time will tell.

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