Vigil call Out! 4th October 2016 – 10 #WikiLeaks Years

Join us in celebrating WikiLeaks’ 10 years of publishing achievements by standing in solidarity with its editor Julian Assange.

The time:       4th of October 2016, 12:00 noon
The place:      Outside the Ecuadorian Embassy, No 3 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge,                                      London Nearest Tube station: Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line)

On the 4th of October 2006 inventive fingers and a romantic mind registered as a domain of a new publishing platform for the protection of whistleblowers and the advancement of Justice through Transparency.  The corner stone in the ethers was thus placed, of what we now know as WikiLeaks, a new Rebel Library of Alexandria.

Through the 10 years of its existence, that romantic dream has captured the imagination of many, feeding it with knowledge, to share freely and equally. Some very special people have been looking after WikiLeaks first steps with care, protecting it from the powers of a reactionary establishment determined to crash it. It has become the 21st century hope for millions, that David’s slingshot powered with the truth can defeat Goliath, in this case the ignorance that holds us perpetually enslaved as people.

WikiLeaks Editor Julian Assange has kept the organisation going through thick and through thin. Himself arbitrarily detained for six years over a politicised legal case in Sweden, he continues his public service work in publishing original documents, under the protection of political asylum inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

This project of Enlightment strengthens the hand of all who strive for more democratic societies, and WikiLeaks has not disappointed in facilitating the spread of knowledge secreted by the few, revealing it to the many.

Let’s celebrate WikiLeaks’ many achievements, standing up and defending its editor and staff! 

Julian Assange addressing supporters at “First they came for Assange” on 19/06/2016 – 4th Embassy Anniversary:

“Love is no longer a word but an action”

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2 Responses to Vigil call Out! 4th October 2016 – 10 #WikiLeaks Years

  1. Francie Wingo says:

    God Bless you for what you have done.Thank You for all your sacrifices. You are truly Brave. God Bless!
    Love Francie Phoenix, Arizona

  2. Diana Forsea says:

    This sounds awesome. I wish I had the finances to attend. I hope they have a great event and post videos. Happy anniversary WikiLeaks. Thanks for the great job, everyone who supports WikiLeaks. Oceans of Love to Assange.

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