Celebrating Julian Assange’s 47th Birthday on the street where he lives.

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We gathered outside the Ecuadorian Embassy on a beautiful warm and sunny day to celebrate the Birthday of Julian Assange, political asylee recently gagged and isolated in the place that has been his refuge, by political powers that his WikiLeaks publishing work has upset.

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Despite the difficulties of the situation to him personally, the recent deterioration in his living conditions has only helped clear away the cobwebs of disinformation and defamation attacks orchestrated against him. Anyone that had any doubts that such attacks against him where not relating to his exercising press press, freedom of speech rights can surely now see the inconvenient truth, the fact that they have let establishment interests guide them away from standing with a persecuted publisher.

By doing so, they have been derailed from protecting a free press and freedom of speech for all. It is never too late in societies that profess to embody and have basic democratic processes to correct a wrong. Let’s remember, only apathy prevents us from guiding the execution of powers we vest in government towards the common good here in the democratic West. When misrule of law is revealed to us so blatantly, the healthy instincts of our society can prevail over the forces that usurp common good in the alter of elitism and greed.

In this spirit of such optimism we raised our glasses to Julian Assange’s health, shared wishes, enjoyed music, flew banners and held posters, chanted solidarity messages.

A cake arrived from Julian Assange with a special message of thanks for his supporters, and it was lovely!

There was food and refreshments to share and enjoy amongst planning for the next solidarity action.

We were joined in solidarity by social justice campaigns Lula Livre UK and Movimiento UK.

The atmosphere was relaxed and joyous despite the deep concern that we all shared about the editor of WikiLeaks. We witness his ordeal and stand by him through the years.

We sincerely hope that it won’t be long when he will walk free and in the arms, not of the British police, but of a world that is eager to walk the journey with him :-)

In another part of London outside the Australian High Commission:

For more information on Ciaron’s initiative please see his Open Letter to the Australian Government which is an excellent example of how we can mobilise institutions to defend Julian.

In Ireland:

In France:

In New Zealand:

In Germany:

In Hawaii:

and on and on and on! Everyone individually and all together, let’s celebrate Julian Assange and join the campaign to #FreeAssange #Unity4J

In solidarity!

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