1/2/20 Multiple location canvancing support for Julian Assange in London’s Muswell Hill, US Embassy, Trafalgar Square

Many Thanks to all the participants and Joe, Marty for the reporting and photos.

Muswell Hill

Four JADC members and several friends and family raised awareness of Julian Assange’s incarceration.and torture at the hand of UK State authorities in the borough of Haringey, Muswell Hill Broadway. The good residents supported our efforts and over 400 leaflets were handed out and 15 email contacts left. A loud and urgent message delivered on a sunny February morning.

Overall there were informed and intellegent responses and discussion of human rights and free speech. Many were shocked at his treatment and understood the implications of his US Rendition and UK complicity. Still lingering in the public consciousness were two who repeated the Swedish nonsense and one, my favourite, Russiagate rubbish. Good to know that McCarthite red baiting survives today, still popular as a Security Service talking point, best friend of Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Leafletting at Muswell Hill 01/02/2020

As the protest mushrooms those who know the truth are winning the propaganda war and the public reception and support denies the manufacture of consent and media lies. As the slime rises up from the Swamp the sulphurous fetid stench of hate and war fill our senses and deny our liberty. This will not stand as the UK abandons Freedom of Speech, Human Rights and International Law!

26/01/2020 – Earlier action at Camden Town

Joe Brack, EF Press

US Embassy

Answering the call out by the official Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign a number of activists joined DEA in leafletting outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Here are some photos”

Trafalgar Square

Lord Admiral Nelson Bears Witness to Assange Torture and Persecution!

As the Sun sets on Trafalgar Square 15 Committee Members gather for a Candle Lit Vigil for Julian. Ariya led the chants, ‘We love you Julian….’ The good citizens of Westminster and visitors to our shores engaged with supporters and overall were understanding and often already aware of his plight. One comment was particularly moving, ‘ Poor man, no one should be treated like that.’ Only one comment about the Swedish nonsense and as before they rush off and refuse to discuss. Probably embarrassed, possibly confused, definitely prejudiced by UK media and State propaganda.

Some hundreds of leaflets were handed out detailing his torturous treatment and up coming events, Free the Truth on 3 Feb, Freedom of the Press Rally on 4 Feb and Roger Waters Julian Assange Oz House Rally, Performance and March 22 Feb.

Busy times for lovers of freedom and Julian supporters. Public Interest is peaking prior to his Show Trial of the Century at Belmarsh Magistrates Court 24 Feb and the Trafalgar Square Vigils keep the spotlight on Whitehall and the surrounding Embassies who may be the next to suffer illegal seizure of Asylum seekers from foreign sovereign territory.


Joe Brack, EF Press

And let’s not forget our people outside Belmarsh, I will add photos when I get them! :-)


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