Publico (Spain): A deputy inspector from the National Police and TEDAX sold equipment to spy on #Assange in London to UC Global

A deputy inspector from the National Police and TEDAX sold equipment to spy on Assange in London to UC Global


The equipment used by UC Global in the Ecuadorian embassy to spy on the creator of Wikileaks on behalf of the CIA were supplied by a Spanish company based in Madrid owned by a sub-inspector of the National Police and TEDAX, stationed in Galicia. The company, called Hispa Imports Deluxe, specializes in software spy mobile digital technology and high quality, such as high resolution cameras, micro cameras and microphones camuflables.

The control and espionage operation to which Julian Assange was subjected by UC Global for US intelligence while he was sheltered in the Ecuadorian embassy in London would not have been possible without the technology provided by a company specialized in spy products and software , owned by a Spanish police officer expert in explosives disposal.

Ignacio Oliva, deputy inspector of the National Police and TEDAX specialist, is the owner of Hispa Importaciones Deluxe SL , a company created in 2015 in Palma de Mallorca and currently domiciled in Madrid, specializing in state-of-the-art technology for espionage in the broadest sense of the floor, as Public has been able to verify through official documents to which it has had access:

Most surveillance appliances and gadgets, communication and connection software , high-resolution cameras, mini- cameras with audio camouflaged in decorative objects such as vases, paintings, wall clocks or even fire extinguishers , such as those installed to spy on spaces worn by Assange in the diplomatic legation, they constitute a very important part of the commercial catalog of products and services of the company of the aforementioned Spanish police.

In fact, after the arrest of ex-military David Morales, the owner of UC Global and one of the best clients of Sub-inspector Oliva, important documentation of invoices and budgets was found in emails sent between the two companies, which is incorporated into the causes that he instructs. the National Court . Surveillance and software teams were instrumental in the CIA’s espionage efforts on Julian Assange as a result of the agreement between UC Global and the Las Vegas Sands security service, chaired by the recently deceased tycoon Sheldon Adelson , a personal friend of President Donald Trump. .

With these equipment, it was possible to access a private channel from thousands of kilometers away from where to observe, listen and record with the highest video and audio quality, and in real time , the Assange target and its visitors, from the comfort from a couch in Texas, Las Vegas, Washington DC or Virginia.

Emails and invoices that reveal the services provided

Between January 2017 and January 2018,  Morales sent successive emails to his “musketeers”, as he calls his trusted team in charge of security-espionage for Julian Assange . In these emails there are recurrent mentions of the situation of the installed technology, the demands of the UC Global director about actions to be taken, as well as comments on the level of security and counterintelligence regarding the Ecuadorian secret service SENAIN present at the embassy. But also, and very especially, about the quality and effectiveness of the surveillance teams and their implementation.

E-mail from UC Global asking for the bill, which appears below, from the spy teams.
Mail from UC Global asking for the invoice, which appears below, from the technical teams. – IFS-AIP

Thus, in September 2017 a review of equipment is requested and they decide to acquire new technical material. In October they ask the Spanish police company for a new budget and agree to the request. On October 25, UC Global makes the payment and on November 10 it claims the invoice from Hispa for the equipment already delivered. This order amounts to 13,681.60 euros, as recorded in the invoice requested by UC Global , as can be seen in the reproduction of those two documents that we show here.
Above, the email requesting invoice and below, the one sent to the buyer by the Espiamos store , which as it appears on its letterhead is the product marketing brand belonging to Hispa Importaciones Deluxe SL

With the equipment installed, Morales sends another email on December 10, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. directed, according to all indications, to the technical service of Hispa, the company of Sub-inspector Oliva, supplier of the equipment and its configuration.

The former Spanish military attaches instructions in English that appear to be from the US intelligence service

In this message, the ex-military officer conveys a series of instructions, attaching instructions in English – which could well come from the US intelligence service given its technical precision and the fact that Morales sends this email from Alexandria, a few minutes from the headquarters of the CIA—, so that the technicians configure access to the streaming connection of the embassy images, with the intention of limiting the vision of basic cameras to Ecuadorian security, instead of being able to monitor the entire installed operation . very precise technical instructions to improve the audio and video quality of spying on Assange.

The intention is clear. The specific espionage equipment that invades the privacy of the “guest” Assange, which is of interest to the CIA and, therefore, the Ecuadorians cannot find out what they have done are already installed. They intend to leave them with only basic monitoring, hiding that there are “intruders” connected to the system: “Everything must seem as if [only] they have access ,  Morales says in his message. In fact, a few days later, on January 6, he insists on deceiving his Ecuadorian clients. Specifically, he points out that three streaming connections must be activated : “one for Ecuador, one for us and one for X … If you need to coordinate something with … you tell me”:

Emails from David Morales to his "musketeers" instructing them to hide from Ecuadorians that "X" also receives the streaming of the spying on Assange.
Emails from David Morales to his “musketeers” instructing them to hide from Ecuadorians that “X” also receives the streaming of the spying on Assange. – IFS-AIP

The question is to know what degree of collaboration and knowledge of these actions the Police Sub-Inspector maintained if, as everything indicates, the technicians were from Hispa, the supplier of the equipment, since if so it would be evident that their participation in the support Technician to the “security” of the embassy went beyond the simple role of supplier.

Mail consulting Hispa technical issues of the cameras spying on Assange.
Mail consulting Hispa technical issues of the cameras spying on Assange. – IFS-AIP

Because it is not the only email with a specific technical profile that Morales sends. On December 26 they review the installation, raise some bugs and ask for instructions to repair them. The wording makes it clear that the technical service is not in situ and that it is a request for remote technical assistance to reconfigure the physical installation of some surveillance equipment, especially cameras and audios , as well as new cameras to incorporate into the equipment. Specifically, they talk about the compatibility of a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom, which are rotating surveillance cameras). Taking into account that the message mentions the guarantee of other cameras supplied, there is little room to doubt that this email is addressed to Hispa.

The spy gadget supplier started in Internal Affairs

The deputy inspector and his wife acquired the company Hispa Importaciones de Luxe in 2016, to continue their activity, which they had been developing in a previously closed company called Spy Europe Mijof SL , created in March 2011. Both, dedicated to the importation of technology from China that for its commercialization was adapted, depending on the case, to the needs of the clients in their espionage tasks; both police and military officials, detectives or even individuals.

In fact, UC Global also initially provided security and protection services to the former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa and his family in 2014 , for which specific technology was used for geolocation, a specialty of the Spy company and also of the Spanish policeman Oliva, in that time assigned as an officer in Internal Affairs.

Hispa’s domicile is currently in Madrid, although it was founded in Palma de Mallorca, but Deputy Inspector Oliva is stationed in Pontevedra  and from there – according to police sources consulted by Public – he develops his professional and commercial activity.

Without permission from the Interior to develop commercial activity

The owner of Hispa and an official of the National Police Corps lacks authorization from the Ministry of the Interior to carry out his commercial activity . An offense such as the one reported in the cases of the deputy inspector and general secretary of Jupol, José María García, or the youtuber police officer Alejandro León, from the same union, who carry out business activities incompatible with their status as State officials.

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