Billboard Campaign! Join us at the Royal Courts of Justice 27/28 October 2021 for Julian #Assange’s Extradition hearing.

We are proud to announce the second phase of the Billboards for Julian Assange is about to commence in September 2021, calling for Londoners to join us at the Royal Courts of Justice on 27/28 October for the High Court US Extradition Hearing.

Earlier in the year the first phase blew a smacked in the phase of Imperialism with a beautiful billboard on Imperial Road Fulham. With three more billboards our campaigned turned the tables to those stenographers to power by appealing directly to the British public. Our new campaign featuring featuring iconic artwork by our Somerset Bean focuses the mind on the battle ahead and brings a call out for the public to attend the Extradition hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice 27/28 October 2021.

The campaign’s two impressive 40ft sites will commence 13th September on an important arterial road the A13 linking the City of London to East London and Essex, a major commuting belt Click Here and on A13 Newham Way – click here 

On the same day a 20ft site commences on Stansted Road, Lewisham SE23 Click Here

Earlier, on the 6th of September 3 – 20ft sites are commissioned on: London Road, Croydon, on Hoe Street, Walthamstow – click here on 8 Reede Road – Dagenham – Click Here

The campaign rest on the generosity of a JADC member in collaboration Somerset Bean who has donated his art. Please support this campaign in keeping these Billboards up on display all the way to the 27/28th of October by donating to the Annual 2021 JADC fundraiser. Banners and posters will also be commissioned to be made available to supporters on these important days.

Leaflets too will be printed. If you wish to distribute leaflets, Please send us your request at and we will post you a pack for flyers.

Julian Assange is inside the Hell that is Belmarsh prison. Do not forsake him, defend him, he is one of us. Join the efforts to free the WikiLeaks publisher. His work save lives, let’s save his.

In Solidarity #FreeAssange

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