A smack in the face of Imperialists! Journalism is not a crime #FreeAssange on Imperial Road, Fulham, London

The defence of Julian Assange, the publisher of WikiLeaks is inseparable from the struggle of millions of people around the world who oppose imperialism from whichever country is generated. That force of greed that writes with people’s blood the history books of those nations who fund military operations to subjugate others. The same forces exist within the fabric of these nations being supported by an oligarchy draped in an invisibility cloak sewn to a perfect fit by media courtiers disguising the crimes, concealing the Human Rights violations. WikiLeaks publications made a rip to this garment and all the blood and bones and screams and desperation of people spilled over and those who care deeply about humanity, sighed with relief and rejoiced at the revelations. Justice through Transparency!

This is why Julian Assange, a man of peace, languishes in Belmarsh prison. Britain is still an empire. Gibraltar is a British colony, that land which controls the straights of Mediterranean is governed by British Law, people who live there are British subjects. It was in Gibraltarian Banks where CIA cut out Las Vegas Sands made the payments to UC Global to spy on Assange whilst inside the Ecuadorian Embassy and conspire to kidnap or poison him. It is interesting why this particular location was chosen for the payments to be made.

Today in Imperial Road in Fulham London a smack in the face of imperialists was delivered with these two beautiful Billboards. The action organised by The Committee to Defend Julian Assange brought the designs of Somerset Bean in the heart of London materialising the dream of one of our members who bore the entire cost. His example is inspiring others to follow in his footsteps and we will take this campaign up and down the country. Make your donation here and leave a comment dedicating your donation to this Billboard campaign.

In solidarity #FreeAssange!

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  1. Allen Jasson says:

    Excellent statement! Beautiful, prominent billboards. How much did it all cost (I really want to know).

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