18/10/2022 Hacking Justice Assange film at the Rio

JADC is proud to help promote this amazing documentary about Julian Assange, Hacking Justice. Here is Jeannie Farr’s report from the latest screening at cinema RIO which also hosted a Q and A session.

Jeannie and Jeff flying outside RIO cinema promoting the screening

‘On Tuesday 18 October ‘Hacking Justice’ was screened at the RIO
Dalston, organised by the JADC. This was the eighth screening of
‘Hacking Justice’ in the UK an astonishingly powerful documentary about
the case of Julian Assange made by Clara Rubio. There was a Q & A after
the screening with Deepa Driver and John Rees joined by Clara Rubio from
Germany via Zoom.

Angie and Derek manning an information desk at the RIO cinema


Afterwards, the foyer was filled with people talking animatedly about
Julian Assange’s case, freedom of the press, democracy, and the ideas we
heard Julian so clearly express in the film.

Angie and Joe holding Nils Melzer book on Julian Assange Trial, recording the persecution of the WikiLeaks publisher

One person said it was powerful to see and hear Julian speaking in his own right since we have not seen or heard him effectively for the last 3 and a half years. 6 copies of Nils Melzer’s book were sold and a number of people signed up to be kept informed about further events. There will be more screenings of ‘Hacking Justice’ – watch this space.’

Audience congregates in warm conversation after the show

Our information desk

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