Christmas Solidarity Vigil for #WikiLeaks Julian #Assange Dec 23rd 2017

Answering a call out for Christmas solidarity we gathered outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on the 23rd of December 2017 to commemorate Julian Assange’s sixth Christmas inside the Embassy under protective political asylum under the threatening presence of the Metropolitan Police. Here we listen to June Tabor’s – delivery of anti-war song ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ with many thanks to Randy Credico for first playing it for Julian at his “Julian Assange Countdown to Freedom” Radio show and Anthony Buzz @checonguero for compiling the evening’s music for the vigil.

And whilst establishment media Human Rights NGO’s and Foundations purportedly created for the protection of Free Speech walk on and walk away, here we stand once again under the balcony and shout loud and clear ‘Free Assange’.

The WikiLeaks editor despite his arbitrary detention, continues to walk on in the path he has chosen in inspiring others forming a movement of transparency that has been changing the world. The warfare against him waged by enemies of the people, interests of the military industrial complex, banking, billions worth of interests that determine who gets to sit in the thrones of power. But, there are also those more pretentious money makers who monetise people’s hopes for the future, their dreams for a better more educated and freer society, those whose courage fails them and capitulate, they too can’t see the real McCoy and not try to diminish it lest their own fake facade collapse by comparison.

Still, Julian Assange and those who stand by his side helping him, continue unwavering with WikiLeaks publication after publication, prising open the oysters of public power that determine so much of our lives. But those who help him in his work follow a difficult path, pilloried from pillar to post often finding themselves caught in the clogs of political games whose turnings crash indiscriminately. But the world is again and again telling the same story of individuals standing often solitary but achieve far more than we all think it is possible and there comes the real hope that each one of us despite weakness and adversity, we have it inside us, this rare ability to be inspired and inspire uniquely and profoundly and as a result offer the chance of turning a new leaf in the chapter of humanity.

We stood one such night witnessing this extraordinary journey and standing against the inertia of the establishment narrative we pushed back, momentarily, the carpet of silence and shouted the truth of a Western publisher under Arbitrarily detention in the heart of London. Our hopes continue that a new day will come and freedom will come for Julian Assange and many like him around the world, all corners of the earth with whom he connects by way of his detention, by way of his revolutionary publishing work. Our hope lives and grows daily that his chains will be broken like all those who find themselves in bondage and persecution around the world.

Over the years hundreds have stood in the same place uniting their voice in hope and in eachother we find the strength to continue, rain or shine in our solidarity work. We were joined by AJI Collective, Marcha Patriotica, MERU and Congreso de los Pueblos who spoke in support of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, the sound equipment was offered in solidarity by Colectivo AJI.

With many thanks to all those who attended our Christmas Vigil and the good times we shared, in solidarity #FreeAssange!

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